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The Dynac Company Story:
Customer-focused Development Delivers

Dynac was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region of Ontario, Canada - often referred to as “silicon valley north”.

Founding Partner, Gary MacFarlane, formerly an owner of a number of manufacturing companies searched long and hard for a solution to add “Integrity, Accuracy and Speed” to his companies planning and reporting to minimize the use of Excel spreadsheets. In the late 90’s the Fortune 1000 companies were served by the likes of Cognos and Hyperion, but there quite simply was not such a solution for SME. Hence when it came to Dynac, MacFarlane often says, “necessity was the mother of invention”.

From the beginning we have been dedicated to delivering “Hyperion / Cognos” like functionality at a fraction of the price and implementation time.

Our extensive industry wide knowledge has enabled us to build a comprehensive and scalable product that drives efficiencies by automating processes and tasks - leaving employees free to do more than maintaining formulas in a spreadsheet.

Dynac built a software solution that empowers its users to be more forward thinking and proactive when making decisions. We truly understand the transformational potential of CPM that delivers increased integrity, accuracy and speed; we help promote improved organizational agility and we’re committed to developing a system of customer-driven differentiation and innovation.