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Report one version of the truth

Dynac AccountManagerTM – integrity from the core!

One of the fundamental short coming of Excel and many reporting writing applications is a lack of integrity cause by poor mapping processes. At the core of Dynac’s guaranteed end to end audit traceable integrity is our proprietary AccountManager. With Dynac AccountManager you will experience the following benefits:

  • Never miss mapping a new account with simple drag and drop or employ auto mapping events
  • Freedom to change reporting structure that flows seamlessly through all reports
  • Audit tractable public reporting
  • Multiple reporting hierarchies
  • Inclusion of key performance and statistical accounts

The world’s most user-friendly report writer

DynacViewsTM allows for unlimited user-defined reports

Dynac reports give you “near real time“ reporting, complete with transaction detail drilldown based on the last synchronization with your GL application. Report templates are not the focus. With Dynac you experience the freedom of unlimited, quick, user-defined reports. Reporting is only limited by your imagination!

Automatic Refreshing Reports with data integrity

User-defined reports are easily created based on a row and column model graphical user interfaces.

Row Model

When creating new report, the Row Model interface allows the user to select the appropriate group of accounts from Dynac AccountManager. Report Filters can easily be created for Departments, Programs, Entities, etc. for customized row models. Once set up, the report will dynamically reflect appropriate new accounts when mapped in AccountManager. The Row Model groups include:

  • Balance – Balance Sheet
  • Income – Income Statement
  • Contribution – surplus and deficit EBIT
  • Cash Flow – can be personalizes to your cash flow categories
  • Custom – have fun this is your artistic pallet
  • Income (Cascading) - for various profit margins

Column Model

When inserting a new column, the Column Model interface allows the user to select from a multitude of available column types. The Column Models selection has you covered, and includes:

  • Account ID
  • Period
  • Scope (the current period)
  • QTR (actual plus budget including dynamic quarter)
  • Total (for the year)
  • QTD (actual to date for a quarter including dynamic quarter to date)
  • YTD
  • Calculation (when you do not see what you need select Calculation and design your own column such as variance, % of an account, etc.)

Excel Retrieval Reports – Dynacize any pre-existing Excel report or create your own

Import any pre-existing Excel report into Dynac and the report will connect to your database. Or, open a blank Excel worksheet in DynacViews and it will also automatically connect to the database. You can incorporate any Excel based dashboards or graphs. Once again, Dynac gives you artistic freedom when it comes to reporting.

Dynac powers such Retrieve Reports with a number of proprietary Excel functions that query the database and dynamically refresh. You have got to see them in action!

End-to end audit traceable reporting

Dynac offers automatic report distribution for both live and off-line reporting complete with security filters. It also facilitates Financial Statements and Management Disclosure and Advise (MD&A) Notes in Microsoft Word. Your reporting needs are fully covered with Dynac!

One-button consolidations for your local or global enterprise


DynacConsolidatorTM offers full consolidation to meet statutory reporting requirement around the world. Consolidate unlimited entities worldwide from disparate GL / ERP application without the need for a common account structure. Dynac provides full Currency Translations (including Special Rates) and Adjusting Journal Entry capability. Report on any regional organizational for tax purposes and consolidate any management organizations as required for internal reports.

Special Consolidation Features

Dynac routinely handles consolidation of off-set entity calendars and minority interests – all without the need for IT support. Dynac automates reports for your auditors such as Journal Entries, Translation Reports and Leads Sheets. All Dynac Consolidation reports meet the statutory reporting requirement of Public Auditors.